Billstuffers to Billboards

Overstreet's guide to marketing your business


Why Our Contest Culture is Bad for Business

It seems like there are contests for everything from finding love, losing weight, cooking to being a ninja. It can all be very entertaining. In the midst of if all, you’ve also heard about the design contest sites out there like 99designs or and they...

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Celebrating 28 Years

This week marks 28 years of Overstreet Associates' continuing business due to the support of our clients and employees. We are grateful to have worked with many of you in the past and look forward to the many years of business together in the future. Take a look at a...

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The 4 “I”‘s of Hiring

A busy business is good business, right? Many business owners claim that there are not enough hours in a day because they have to manage business demands and take on (on average) 3-6 key roles to maintain their business. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then...

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Knowing Your Target Audience

When marketing your business, one of the key things to ask yourself is “Who is your target audience?” It’s important as a business owner to understand who your customers are especially if your product or service speaks to a particular age group or gender, people of a...

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3 Risks of Not Tracking Your Coupons

The effectiveness of any marketing program falls into its planning and execution. Providing the right copy, color and delivery in order to engage the consumer long enough to make a lasting impression. Regardless of how quirky or clever a marketing campaign is, it may...

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