why it’s important to keep things customized

Sep 21, 2021 | Advertising

At Overstreet, our marketing materials can be easily customized to fit your brand, location, and message. Customized materials provide a bigger bang for your buck, as you can use franchise-provided artwork to drive business to your specific location. Most customizable pieces follow a template, with a designated spot for artwork and specific areas that are custom-built for your location information, offers, and message. 

Customization is important, especially for large franchises with hundreds of locations. A potential customer might recognize your brand but might not be familiar with your particular location. When marketing to a specific audience, you want to be sure your business is actually capturing those customers, versus another location of the same franchise. Calling out features that your location offers is a great way to set yourself apart from other, close-by competitors.

Some of the most popular marketing materials, such as Door Hangers, Marriage Mail, Box Toppers, and Variable Data Postcards can be made uniquely your own at an affordable price. Marriage Mail, for example, is designed to provide the client with plenty of space to market their unique location, with customizable offers and a blank address area to advertise the location with an address, map, and special features that your business offers, such as a party room or Lunch Specials. Artwork is approved and provided by corporate.



Box Toppers and Door Hangers are similar in that the artwork at the top of the piece is typically tied to a corporate promotion and the rest of the space is available to customize. These pieces also work as a 2-tiered advertisement, as the top portion is a promotion, such as a new product, and the rest can be offers and information specific to a location. Potential customers learn about a promotion while also seeing enticing offers to visit your business.



Variable Data Postcards typically use standard artwork on the front side, while leaving the backside open to customize with a personal message. The front side of the postcard provides instant brand recognition, while the backside highlights your specific location.


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