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May 31, 2022 | Advertising, Print Marketing

Decals and stickers have been used as marketing tools for decades. Easily customizable and affordable, decals and stickers have dozens of uses. Advances in printing have made decals a quick and easy go-to for a variety of industries, especially restaurants.

The last 2 years changed many aspects of marketing. One of the most noticeable aspects was the arrival of multi-use decals. Decals existed long before COVID, but during the pandemic, they became more widely used and used in several new ways.

Floor decals steered customers in the right direction, set distance parameters, and helped customers feel safe during uncertain times. Many restaurants started using decals on tables with QR codes linked to menus. This made viewing menus online quick and easy and eliminated the need for paper menus. QR Code decals on doors prompted customers to pull up menus before entering the establishment. This made the forthcoming transaction smooth and quick and kept customers efficiently moving through the ordering process.

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Many companies had to launch apps, or enhance existing apps, to accommodate the shift in shopping and dining during the pandemic. Decals with a QR code to download an app became increasingly popular because, with one scan of a phone camera, an app could be downloaded and used immediately.

Several of the products being utilized over the last 2.5 years have proven to be mainstays in a shifting marketplace. For example, while many restaurants have returned to paper menus, QR decals still adorn tables and doors as it’s become commonplace to view a menu this way.

Window clings, another type of decal, have been effective for marketing during a changing product landscape. Many restaurants are now offering salad bars again after a long absence. A decal on the window advertising “Salad Bar Now Open” lets customers know visually that one of their favorite food items has returned.

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Window wraps, a larger type of decal, are another great visual and help add to the look and feel of your restaurant. Wraps have multiple benefits, including shielding the interior of your business from fading caused by the sun, while enhancing the exterior. Wraps also help advertise your products in a large and highly visible way.

Stickers are slightly different from decals in that they are a more permanent fixture. Decals can be peeled back, repositioned, and stuck again. Stickers are typically a one-use product. Stickers started to become more widely used to secure food packaging and delivery and ensure safety.

In addition to providing tamper-proof packaging, stickers can also be placed on personal items such as laptops and water bottles, giving your business more exposure. Stickers are an affordable way to give something to your customers as a thank you for visiting your business. And customers love freebies, so it’s a win-win.

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