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Aug 16, 2021 | Print Marketing

Any physical and unsolicited correspondence sent to prospective customers through the mail in an attempt to win their business is considered Direct Mail (the digital equivalent is email marketing or banner ads). Direct mailers can be of many different sizes and types: flat, folded, and multi-page.  Within the Direct Mail category, there are multiple options to choose from to help you customize your message, fit your budget and reach your advertising goals. Let’s look at a few of the most popular direct mail options we offer at OA.

Postcards are the most common type of direct mailer and a postcard can be a variety of sizes, with customized content. One of the biggest benefits of postcards is reaching consumers where they are: their homes. The ability to select geographical targets and in-home dates provides more visibility to consumers with a tangible exposure during a digital marketplace. 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to target an audience that’s already familiar with your brand, POS postcards are a great option. POS (point-of-sale) Postcards are a more specialized type of direct mail that provides the opportunity to retarget existing customers by rewarding them based on their purchasing data. The goal of POS Postcards is to entice customers to return if they haven’t visited your establishment in a while or to thank them for their business if they’ve been a loyal customer. 

POS Postcards do require easy access to your point-of-sale software to gather data from the previous 30-90 days. The data needs to be easily transferred in order to create a mailing list for the postcards. Once data is analyzed, the design process begins, and once approved, delivery of the final product is approximately 2-3 weeks.



Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a bulk mailing option offered by the United States Postal Service that allows your business to reach potential customers by choosing a mailing route instead of addresses. Once the route is chosen, the mail pieces are delivered to the mailbox of every active address on the selected route. One big plus to this method of direct mail is the low postage rate of $0.192 per piece. Final pieces are ready to mail drop approximately 2 weeks after artwork approval.



Dynamic Postcards can be personalized while sharing postage costs with other pieces in a mailing packet, even though the postcard sits outside of the packet, resulting in a lower price per piece. In many cases, the cost can be lower than postage alone for a traditional postcard. In each packet, only one customer is allowed to purchase a Dynamic Postcard, but the downside is that this program is not always available. Lead time is a bit longer than other postcards, with an average of 5 weeks after artwork approval.



A Magnet Mailer is a mailed piece that typically includes a 1” wide magnet strip affixed to the postcard, thin enough to process through the mail plant. It has a dual purpose as it reaches consumers at their homes with your messaging, but also serves as a constant advertising piece. In addition to the 1” magnet, it also includes a single perforation, so customers can tear off the magnet panel with your information and place it on their refrigerator, and once placed, it’s likely to stay there, giving you constant visibility. It’s great to use in conjunction with a sports schedule, calendar, other repeating events, or simply as a business card! Lead time is typically 3 weeks after artwork approval and the postage varies.


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