what is marriage mail?

Sep 22, 2020 | Print Marketing

Looking for print advertising that is widely used, affordable, and effective? Yes, it does exist and it’s called Marriage Mail!

While almost 90% of American households receive Marriage Mail, very few know what the term Marriage Mail means. Also known as Shared Mail, Marriage Mail is an inexpensive option for retailers and local businesses to mail printed pieces directly to households in a shared packet.



Grocery inserts are typically the major supporters of Marriage Mail, but each packet is often filled with coupons and advertisements from other retailers in the household’s zip code. The outside of the packet is called a “wrap” and serves as a folder for the rest of the collateral, which can and even include postcards. Sharing the packet between several retailers allows for lower postage costs for businesses and mailing lists do not need to be purchased, which is another cost savings. Retailers have the flexibility to choose how often to participate in the program and which local zip codes to target.

Overstreet has been perfecting the Marriage Mail program for 30 years. We understand the importance and impact of reaching more households for less money. Marriage Mail helps businesses reach a built-in audience, cost-effectively, with years of proven success. More eyeballs on your business for a price you can afford is what makes Marriage Mail so appealing and such a great option for small businesses.

Why would you use Marriage Mail, a form of print marketing, in addition to digital marketing? While print marketing is often accused of being too expensive and outdated in a digital world, it also has many benefits, including being trustworthy and authentic. With print, we know what to expect, it’s tried and tested. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is fast and cost-effective, but it also can feel impersonal and is more easily forgotten. Digital ads pop up and quickly disappear, whereas print can be looked at, tucked away, and looked at again later. Marriage Mail allows customers to view the coupons in their hands, clip them, and reference them again when they are ready to make a purchase.

The logistics of Marriage Mail can seem overwhelming but our sales team makes it easy by providing you with a custom cost analysis by looking at the mailing zones in your zip code and analyzing how many households you can reach by participating in the program. There is no contract required and required minimums are low: you choose how often to run your offers and we take care of the rest. Get in touch today and let’s get started!