you built it, now brand it!

Feb 11, 2021 | Branding

As we discussed in a previous blog, branding is vital to success. A good brand should include a logo, which is a symbol or wordmark that is easily recognizable. A brand can also include a tagline, which is a phrase or idea that is also associated with the company or product. A color scheme is typically part of a brand as well. When you invest in creating a strong brand, you are also investing in using the elements of your brand in everything you do. External company communication is not an exception to this rule. Anything that represents your company should reflect your brand and sending an invoice, for example, is another opportunity to showcase your brand.


Image: Brand identity is an incredibly important part of your business. While companies often invest to ensure their marketing collateral are well branded, other business applications that require the same attention, such as invoices and presentations, are overlooked.


While it is fairly quick and straightforward to whip up a fast slideshow for a presentation, wouldn’t it better reflect your company to have the slideshow match the rest of your brand assets with a clean and professional look? The same is true of press releases, memos, invoices, and datasheets. At Overstreet, we design these items to be consistent with your brand, so all of your company communications are reflective of the brand you have spent time and money building.

We have experience with all of the main business applications and can get your business documents up to speed and ready to go quickly. We can also create templates that can be applied to future business documents, so all of your company communications will be organized and in-line with your brand.


Image: Let us be the expert in keeping your deck on brand, so that you can be the expert on the pitch.


The advertising and marketing budget you set might allocate funds to print and digital advertising as well as social media, with a marketing agency targeting these areas. Is there room in that budget to have your business documents professionally designed? If not, there should be. Having your office products designed to match your brand is well worth the small investment, as everything with your company name on it should represent the brand you have built and create instant recognition with customers and clients.

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