end-of-year budgeting and planning

Dec 21, 2020 | Advertising

With the end of 2020 just about here, now is the time to look ahead to your marketing strategy for 2021 and make sure you are prepared to succeed. A good strategy should include:

  • a budget (either annual or monthly)
  • a monthly checklist to help you plan when and where to advertise for the year
  • a well-rounded attack of print, digital and social media 
  • an agency to help you execute your plan

One of the challenges of an annual budget is making the allotted funds last for the entire year. Using the entire budget on a February ad campaign, for example, might not be the best idea, as your customers won’t hear from you for 10 months. A monthly budget helps you plan your advertising strategy for the entire year, touching on multiple products on multiple platforms. A monthly budget also provides more flexibility to change course when challenges arise. A perfect example is the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Budgets and yearly marketing plans were tested and altered to quickly shift messaging to comply with the numerous regulations and restrictions that were a result of the pandemic.

This year, our newsletter has touched on many topics from QR Codes to Signage to Branding to Social Media. All of those topics fall under the budgeting/planning umbrella. As you begin to plan for 2021, making a list of objectives for each month is a great tool, as it will keep you on task and also help you allocate funds appropriately. 

A planning list can be simple, a few items written on a notepad, for example. A list is a good way to ensure you are meeting your goals each month and it’s especially beneficial for social media posts, as it will keep you organized across platforms.


Image: Overstreet Associates Print Calendar – Free to download and easy to print and fold to create a great desktop addition. Complete all 12 months to create an eye-catching scene.


To help you kick off 2021 in style, we’re sharing our very own marketing tool: The Overstreet Associates Print Calendar. It’s a useful planning tool, a condensed calendar, and a fun desk addition all in one. Our calendar will keep you energized and focused as you work towards your 2021 goals. And, as an added bonus, if you need help getting started on your list or making a 2021 plan, a free 30-minute consultation is included with your calendar. Get in touch today!


Free Download – Overstreet Associates Print Calendar